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Join With Us - Available Vacancies

Biomedical Engineer

Experience - 1 - 2 Years Experience

Operations Manager

Qualification: MBA Hospital Management
Experience: 10 yrs

Billing Executive

Qualification - Degree
Experience - 2 to 3 years

Marketing Executive

Qualification: MBA
Experience: 3 To 5 Yrs Experience In Healthcare Marketing


Experience - 1 - 2 Years Experience

Junior/ Senior nurses

Qualification - GNM / BSc Nursing

Vihaa Hospital seeks medical staff with a passion to deliver the best healthcare services we provide.

Our reputation has propelled us to prominence.

We provide a multitude of career, growth, and opportunities to employees in the medical profession.

we are committed to offering an exemplary career in medicine that empowers you to help people.

We believe that compassion towards humanity and a desire to bring positive change are the pivotal factors for finding success in the world of medicine.

We provide a diverse and vast field where one never ceases to learn.

A career in medicine is truly a service, not just a profession.


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