Dermatologists in chennai

Department of Dermatology

The Department of Dermatology provides the highest state in comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for all skin, hair and nail-related diseases. We are committed to addressing the patient’s dermatological needs and offering them the required treatments and solutions to problems of all ages, With the advance of technology in treating with modern medicine we offer advanced and unmatched dermatological care in a soothing and pleasant environment.
Our expert dermatologists have in-depth knowledge and experience in this field and are also experts in dealing with complex dermatological giving them the utmost care and rendering the required treatment.

Dermatologists in chennai

Treatment & Procedure

Chemical peeling – for facial glow, tan removal, melasma, acne, facial pigmentation, antiaging

Radiofrequency – for wart, skin tag, DPN, Molluscum

Dermaroller/ microdermabrasion for acne scars & skin rejuvenation

Intralesional immunotherapy for warts

Skin biopsy with Immunofluorescence

Mole removal

Ear lobe repair

Platelet-rich plasma – for facial rejuvenation/ antiaging and hair fall/ baldness

LASER – for pigmentation, melasma, tattoo removal

Carbon peel LASER for facial glow

LASER for hair removal in hirsutism ( facial hair in females) and PCOD

LASER for acne scars

Skin grafting for stable Vitiligo

Botox for ageing skin, wrinkles, hyperhidrosis

Fillers for facial recontouring

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