international patient services

International Patient Care

Throughout your time with us, our dedicated team of healthcare experts is committed to providing you with great care and support. We prioritise your health and endeavour to provide a relaxing and healing environment during your stay. You’ll find useful information and tools to help you make the most of your stay with us below.

International Patient Services

International Patient Care

From travel arrangements to follow-up care, our International Patient Centre is committed to assisting you with every part of your medical journey.

Second Opinion in Medicine

We provide a variety of services to assist you make educated decisions if you need a medical second opinion on your diagnosis or treatment plan.

Treatment Plans

We provide individualised treatment plans that include medical consultations, diagnostic tests, operations, and post-operative care.

Assistance with Visas

Our experts can help you with the visa application procedure and supply you with the paperwork you need to travel.

international patient services
International patient care

Travel and Accommodation


We provide a variety of lodging alternatives, including private and semi-private rooms, to assure your comfort during your visit.

Travel Assistance

Our staff can assist you with travel arrangements such as airport transfers, local transportation, and sightseeing tours.

Area Data

Learn about the local area, including nearby hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

Payment Options

Payment Options

To make payment as convenient as possible, we provide a variety of payment alternatives, including cash, credit cards, and wire transfers.


We work with several insurance companies and can help with insurance verification and claims processing

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We are committed to providing our overseas patients with world-class care. We recognize that your medical journey can be complicated, and our staff is committed to providing you with the support and assistance you require every step of the way.

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We intend to revolutionize the health-care business by making affordable and high-quality care available to everyone in need.