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A comprehensive guide to answer all your questions about COVID-19

The world is in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic. #TeamVihaa and numerous associations are working on the response, tracking the pandemic and racing to deploy safe and effective vaccines.

Vaccines save millions of lives each year. Vaccines work by training and preparing the body’s natural defences – the immune system – to recognize and fight off the viruses and bacteria they target. After vaccination, if the body is later exposed to those disease-causing germs, the body is immediately ready to destroy them, preventing severe illness.

Here are a few of the most popular questions about the COVID-19 Vaccine answered by #TeamVihaa

Q: Where should I register for the vaccination?

A: You can either register on the Co-WIN Portal or Arogya Setu App to schedule your vaccination appointment.

Q: Where can I get the vaccine from?

A: Vaccines are available from Government and Private Health Facilities as notified, known as COVID Vaccination Centres (CVCs)

Q: Who can get the vaccination?

A: Anyone of the age 18 and above is eligible to get the vaccine.

Q: What documents are required for registration of eligible beneficiary?

A: Any of the below mentioned ID with Photo may be produced at the time of registration:

· Aadhaar Card

· Driving License

· Health Insurance Smart Card issued under the scheme of Ministry of Labour

· Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) Job Card

· Official identity cards issued to MPs/MLAs/MLCs

· PAN Card

· Passbooks issued by Bank/Post Office

· Passport

· Pension Document

· Service Identity Card issued to employees by Central/ State Govt./ Public Limited Companies

· Voter ID

· People with comorbidities will have to carry the certificate of comorbidities, in the format shared here by a registered medical practitioner.

Q: Which COVID-19 vaccines are licensed in India?

A: Two vaccines that have been granted emergency use authorization by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) in India are Covishield® (AstraZeneca’s vaccine manufactured by Serum Institute of India) and Covaxin® (manufactured by Bharat Biotech Limited).

Q: What is the dose schedule of both the vaccines?

A: The time interval between two doses of the Covishield vaccine has been extended from four-six weeks to four-eight weeks. The second dose of Covaxin can be taken four to six weeks after the first.

Q: Do I have a choice of vaccine I will receive?

A: The vaccine will be supp

lied to various parts of India as per availability and distribution plan, beneficiaries load and so at present the option of choice of vaccine is not available.

Q: Is it mandatory to take the vaccine?

A: Vaccination for COVID-19 is voluntary. However, it is advisable to receive the complete schedule of COVID-19 vaccine for protecting oneself against this disease and also to limit the spread of this disease to the close contacts including family members, friends, relatives and co-workers.

Q: Will the vaccine be safe as it is being tested and introduced in a short span of time?

A: Vaccines will be introduced in the country only after the regulatory bodies clear it based on its safety and efficacy.

Q: Will the vaccine introduced in India be as effective as the ones introduced in other countries?

A: Yes, the COVID-19 vaccine introduced in India will be as effective as any vaccine developed by other countries. Various phases of vaccine trials are undertaken to ensure its safety and efficacy.

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